When Botox Goes Wrong: 7 Reasons To Choose A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Botox has been authorized for cosmetic use since 2002 and, to this day, is still one of the most minimally-invasive, popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. Since the beginning of the Botox era, it has been used for treating frown lines and an ever-expanding list of signs of aging, like crow’s feet, wrinkles, etc.

Have you been considering Botox? Today we’re talking about seven reasons to look for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to ensure that your Botox treatment is performed in a safe and effective fashion and provides you with the aesthetic results that you desire!

Make sure you choose an experienced, certified, and pleasant Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon’s office for your treatment!

Why Botox?

Botox is a minimally-invasive procedure that temporarily relaxes muscles and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. When performed under the supervision of a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Botox offers subtle, all-natural, anti-aging results. Since it was introduced in 2002, it has become the most popular cosmetic treatment ever, as it is minimally-intrusive, economical, and successful at reducing wrinkles.

Can Botox Be Dangerous?

Botox is considered an extremely safe, minimally-invasive treatment by the plastic surgeon community, even compared to other fillers. This is because Botox is injected directly into the muscle tissue, as opposed to the skin layers, providing a higher degree of safety. Botox is not a permanent solution since the effects of the treatment will start to wear off gradually over time. The most consistent way to ensure safety while receiving your Botox injections is to receive the treatment from qualified medical personnel, such as Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons.

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Who Should Perform Botox Injections?

When Botox initially hit the market in 2002, it was primarily utilized by plastic surgeons and dermatologists for the reduction of smile lines. Nevertheless, as the appeal for Botox and fillers expanded, more physicians started to perform Botox injections, and the areas for which they gained FDA-approval expanded. Some specialized physicians, such as dentists, RNs, and Nurse Practitioners are allowed to perform Botox injections.

Why Choose A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon’s Office?

#1: Board-Certified Surgeons Undergo Years Of Medical And Cosmetic Training.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons undergo over a decade of rigorous training to learn how both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments impact the appearance and function of the treated areas. Although medical professionals in other fields could bring a one-of-a-kind viewpoint – such as dermatologists and dentists – none have the combined benefits of cosmetic, medical and surgical training that factor into their Botox treatment planning.

#2: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons Understand The Value Of Lasting Results.

To ensure not only the highest quality but longest-lasting results, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons will first review your medical history. They will assess your desired results, whether or not they are best achieved via Botox, consider other factors, such as the way aging processes have affected your skin, then recommend the treatment plan best suited for your personal needs.

#3: Continued Education Defines An Excellent Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.

To constantly stay up to date in a field that is continuously evolving, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons regularly takes part in additional seminars and workshops discussing changing best practices, techniques, and tools. Additionally, they are required to renew their board certifications every ten years, and to participate annually in educational courses, symposia, and seminars, to maintain their highly sought after certifications. Any surgeon who fails to meet these high standards, will have their credentials revoked, ensuring that only the most highly educated professionals fall into this select category of the finest Plastic Surgeons in the world.


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#4: What Are The Side Effects To Expect After Botox Injections?

Botox procedures could cause a few minor, non-lasting side-effects, such as bruising, injection site pain, and bleeding. A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon not only knows how to perform and deliver the shot correctly but also how to minimize these minor side-effects, providing you with a pleasant experience.

#5: Could there be more dangerous risks or side-effects to having Botox?

The plastic surgeon community considers Botox procedures a safe and effective cosmetic treatment when performed under the supervision of a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. However, not all physicians have undergone the surgical training that allows them to understand the individual anatomical differences in the patients undergoing the treatment. We recommend that our patients always research the plastic surgeon’s credentials, before-and-after pictures, and expertise before committing to a specific surgeon. When it comes to plastic surgery, and especially to any treatment impacting your face, all precautions should be taken!
Many patients who opt for minimizing costs over prioritizing safety have experienced severe side-effects. These are most commonly attributed to human error. Horror stories include drooping eyelids and dual vision. Additionally, several other side-effects can be linked to improper Botox usage, including:

• Ingestion issues
• Difficulty breathing
• Muscular tissue weakness
• Change or loss of voice
• Word-enunciation issues
• Loss of bladder control
• Migraines
• Itchiness or rashes

#6: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons Understand Aesthetic Appeal.

Plastic surgeons receive adequate training before being allowed to perform a Botox procedure. Is this enough to achieve ideal results? Although any physician can receive medical training, not all surgeons understand the value of aesthetic appeal. When considering a Botox procedure, entrusting yourself to the hands of a plastic surgeon with an expert eye for aesthetic appearance is very important.

#7: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons Can Recommend Alternative Options.

Have you been considering a Botox procedure, but are unsure if other alternatives are available? An experienced Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon will always discuss with you the available alternatives, striving to ensure the best investment for you and your cosmetic goals.
Botox treatment is an extremely efficient, minimally-invasive procedure which, when performed at a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon’s office, can provide you with the peace of mind which you deserve when having your Botox treatment performed. If you want to learn more about Botox, schedule your free consultation at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery today!

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