What To Do After CoolSculpting®10 min read

What To Do After CoolSculpting®

What To Do After CoolSculpting®10 min read

Jun 28, 2021 | Body, Body Contouring, Non-Surgical Options

Few things feel better than knowing that after CoolSculpting®. It feels good when pesky fatty areas disappear and leave a more contoured look. Whether you’re targeting your arms, thighs, abdomen, back, chin, buttocks, bra fat, or other areas, CoolSculpting® can eliminate over 20%-25% of stubborn fat pockets through an efficient, effective, and non-invasive process that leaves patients with big grins but not big fat areas. Now with CoolSculpting® Elite, there’s even more CoolSculpting® success — dual applicator handles, up to 18% more coverage, more fat reduction, more treatable areas, and a better bang for your buck — with all this, people are loving how CoolSculpting® Elite has been helping them achieve their dream look.  

People know what to expect during the procedure and how the results will be, but what about everything in between? Are there any steps you need to take between your CoolSculpting® treatment and your fat reduction results? Will the fat areas come back? What about maintenance? Please read below for our most common FAQs on what to do after CoolSculpting®!

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Unlike a liposuction procedure, which can take a week or two of aftercare and recovery to resume regular activity, CoolSculpting® has no downtime. This means that you can resume regular activity straight after your appointment. While you may experience slight soreness, bruising, redness, swelling, or tenderness in the treated areas, it’s usually quite bearable and does not last for more than a day or two. Since CoolSculpting® is non-invasive, there is no recovery period, and you may resume normal activities straight away. However, it’s a good idea to stay hydrated directly after your treatment.

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What Can I Expect after CoolSculpting®?

Usually, results aren’t fully attained until around three months after your first treatment. This is because of CoolSculpting®’s freezing capabilities, which allows the body to naturally dispose of the chilled fat cells through the body’s lymphatic system. While it may not happen overnight, it will happen gradually. Staying hydrated helps your lymphatic system, so we recommend drinking water after treatment and keeping hydrated for optimal results. 

CoolScultping Elite can eliminate over 20%-25% of the targeted area’s stubborn fat in just one treatment, so you can expect a noticeable difference in whichever area you choose to target. Click here to see before and after photos of CoolSculpting® treatments.


Is CoolSculpting® Permanent?

Absolutely! Once fat cells are chilled and disposed of after CoolSculpting®, they will not come back. As long as you maintain a healthy weight, eat a healthy diet, and stay hydrated, you can rest assured that your fat pocket is gone for good. Avoid anything that may fluctuate your weight too much, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, even with a future weight change, fat cells will not form as prevalently in the treated area as before due to the treatment. Ultimately, CoolSculpting® is a permanent procedure that will last for years and years to come.


Can I Get More Drastic Results from CoolSculpting®?

As mentioned before, eating healthy, exercising, staying hydrated, and avoiding unusual weight fluctuation will help you optimize your CoolSculpting® results and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. But, depending on the area you’re targeting, you may be interested in scheduling more than one treatment. Generally, we here at VIPS suggest 2 treatments per area for the best results. If you’re looking for even more reduction, we can certainly schedule additional CoolSculpting®. Each treatment generally reduces the fat by 20%-25%, so it’s a good idea to wait until the results are fully attained before scheduling more than two appointments. You may be surprised by how effective 1-2 appointments are for your fatty pockets!

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From celebrities to the average person, people everywhere love CoolSculpting®! And we here at VIPS would love to help you get rid of those stubborn fat areas and get the body contour of your dreams. No matter who you are, we want to help you achieve the best version of “you”! We also offer one-time payments or payment plans to help make things as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Book a complimentary consultation with Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS to discuss more of what we can do for you!

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