What Is Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Everyone knows that being a woman is hard. All the time invested into bringing children into our world and preparing them for their adult lives through care and education is no walk in the park. These efforts put considerable stress on a woman’s body. For example, pregnancy and childbirth stretch the abdominal wall, loosen the abdomen, and cause stretch marks on the skin. At the chest level, sagging and drooping caused by breastfeeding and/or weight gain and loss associated with pregnancy and hormones affect the shape and symmetry of the breasts. Therefore, women are flocking towards a procedure  (or set of procedures) that will restore their  youthful look and self-confidence. And the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, is the destination that women from all over the country are heading to for the answer: the mommy makeover! 

Mommy Makeover at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery

Mommy makeovers have quickly become one of Dr. Vinyard’s favorite sets of procedures here at VIPS due to the wondrous ways they benefit women, both physically and mentally. As Dr. Vinyard shared with us, mommy makeovers are: 

“One of the most satisfying procedures that I do in plastic surgery because a lot of these women  don’t feel like they’ll ever have their pre-mommy body back. Sometimes, after the procedures, the body looks better than it looked before their pregnancies!”

The Mommy Makeover is for women who want to regain their pre-baby appearance and see their self-confidence go through the roof. But what does the mommy makeover entail? And what body areas do mommy makeovers address? Join us today, and we will walk you through the most popular mommy makeover procedures!

What Is a Mommy Makeover?  

A mommy makeover is a comprehensive set of procedures that address body changes that occur due to pregnancy, childbirth, hormones or a woman’s natural aging process. . These changes occur mainly in the chest, abdominal, and vaginal areas but in various degrees for each patient. While one patient may prioritize the breasts, another may be primarily concerned with the abdomen. Nor do all patients require the same procedure in a particular body area; one patient may require a full tummy tuck with muscle repair for the abdominal region while another may only need BODYtite to remove some excess fatty tissue and tighten the skin surrounding the abdomen.

Are you unsure about how to proceed with your mommy makeover plan and what procedures would be best for you? Luckily, Dr. Vinyard and his team of experts are here to help guide you through every step of your mommy makeover journey. During your complimentary consultation, he will, after assessing your medical history and aesthetic goals, identify the most efficient way to restore your body to its previous aesthetic and handpick the most effective procedures to accomplish your goals. Your treatment plan will be 100% individualized to drive the best results possible!

Mommy Makeover Ideal Candidate

Want to know if you are the perfect mommy makeover candidate? These four questions will help you find the answer:

  • Do you have any serious pre-existing health conditions? 
  • Are you at (or close to) your goal weight? 
  • Are you considering having more children in the future?
  • Do you have realistic expectations regarding your transformation?

The most successful Mommy Makeover patients lead a healthy lifestyle, set realistic expectations for themselves, and are finished bearing children.

Now, let’s focus on each body area and discover the procedures that could become part of your very own mommy makeover! 

#1: Mommy Makeover Breast Procedures

Most mommy makeover patients are particularly interested in correcting breast imperfections, and for good  reason. The most visible changes caused by pregnancy and hormone related body changes are located in the breasts; sagging, drooping, and excessive growth are the most cited aesthetic concerns of women, alongside asymmetry and loss of breast volume. Fortunately, Dr. Vinyard, who holds a fellowship in breast surgery, has a breast procedure arsenal that holds all the treatments necessary for addressing each of these aesthetic imperfections. Here are the top breast procedures that frequently make the mommy makeover cut:

  • Breast augmentation: A breast augmentation involves combining breast implants (silicone or saline) with natural breast tissue to address loss of volume, excess skin, and sagging while restoring youthful upper pole, fullness to your breasts.
  • Breast lift: Breast lift procedures restore a firm, more youthful form by elevating the breasts on the chest wall and creating more breast projection. A breast lift is a perfect procedure for correcting the drooping and the asymmetry of a woman’s breasts.

#2: Mommy Makeover Abdominal Procedures

The next step in your mommy makeover journey is taking care of your abdominal area. Pregnancy, childbirth, and even just weight gain put enormous stress on your abdominal muscles and cause them to separate and, together with loosened abdominal skin, allow for unwanted pockets of fat to form in the mid-section. Luckily, all of these aesthetic issues can be addressed through our abdominal mommy makeover procedures:

  • Tummy tuck (i.e., abdominoplasty): This procedure is perfect for removing unwanted stubborn fatty tissue, removing excess skin, and tightening and repairing weakened abdominal muscles. Dr. Vinyard is known nationwide for his tummy tuck results. You can read more about his unique technique here!
  • BODYtite: BODYtite is an advanced procedure that combines liposuction with radio-frequency technology. Therefore, it removes excess unwanted fat from the targeted area evenly and smoothly while simultaneously tightening the surrounding skin. 
  • Traditional Liposuction: helps women improve their silhouette by suctioning out unwanted fat deposits in a given area of the body. 
  • CoolSculpting® Elite: the next big thing in body contouring, CoolSculpting® Elite uses cryolipolysis to remove up to 40% of unwanted fat from a treated area of the body naturally and non-surgically!  

#3: Mommy Makeover Vaginal Procedures

Finally, vaginal procedures complete the mommy makeover circle. Bringing a child into our world doesn’t come without sacrifices; a woman’s body will bear certain marks of childbirth, one way or another, and the vaginal health of a woman can be one of those. On the one hand, soreness or pain during intercourse can render their sex life unpleasant and negatively impact intimate relationships. On the other hand, enlarged or asymmetrical vaginal tissue and stress urinary incontinence are sure to lower any woman’s self-confidence and physiological comfort. 

Fortunately, Dr. Vinyard and his team of experts have many treatment options to address vaginal rejuvenation:  

  • FORMA V: This is a non-invasive, in-office procedure that is ideal for increased lubrication and muscle tightening. Women who undergo a FORMA V procedure experience improved sexual intercourse and decreased Stress Urinary Incontinence.
  • FemTITE: also known as a scarless labiaplasty, FemTITE is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens and shrinks vaginal tissue through fresh collagen production for a symmetrical, more appealing vaginal area.
  • Labiaplasty: This procedure is performed on the inner vaginal lips, called the labia minora, to minimize the size and appearance; it can help increase sexual pleasure, reduce pain and discomfort and improve personal hygiene and vaginal health.
Vaginal Rejuvenation

Reshape. Rejuvenate. Reclaim your confidence.

Are you ready to begin your own mommy makeover journey? Our team at VIPS prioritizes patient experience and results, and we want to help you find the best treatment for your body and aesthetic goals. In addition, we offer various financing options to help make things as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard to discuss more of what we can do for you!

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