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Upper Back Lift

(Torsoplasty) – Bra-Line Back Lift – Skin Tightening Surgery – Port Saint Lucie, FL

We are excited to offer women the upper back lift (torsoplasty) to remove the loose skin and pudgy areas that are unattractive at the bra line.

What is Upper Back Lift?

Port Saint Lucie, FL board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. William Vinyard would like to offer his services to you if you have excessive skin and folds in the area of your mid to upper back. Sometimes referred to as the “bra-line lift,” the extra skin can be very problematic for both men and women — it is not just because the patient seeking the treatment wears a brassiere. You may choose to seek out the help of a plastic surgeon after losing a notable amount of weight (100 pounds or more) when the skin on the upper back hangs or looks deflated. We also see patients that have skin that has matured over the years and want to tighten up the skin of that specific area. Either way, our team at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery (VIPS) will happily schedule you for a consultation and help you make informed decisions about skin tightening procedures and options.

Weight loss can leave behind deflated “back rolls” with droopy skin that may or may not pop out above or below the bra line (or upper back for men). No matter how much you exercise, weight loss can leave behind unsightly “back rolls” and droopy folds of skin that hang above and below the bra line. You may also have residual back fat in these areas that just will not go away without an intervention. Dr. Vinyard can perform liposuction in areas with unyielding pockets of fat to reshape and recontour the treatment area. If you would like to learn more, please give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate?

Men and women can both seek consultations for the upper back lift. Women, who have excessive fat and skin under their bra at the back, may find this area to be distressing after weight loss when it does not return to its pre-weight gain shape. Men, who have lost a significant amount of weight, may endure the same feelings after seeing their skin hang in the mirror. Loose skin on the upper back can be a source of frustration for anyone who has lost weight — only to be rewarded with unattractive skin that hangs. Once the skin has lost its elasticity, it will not return to the youthful shape you remember it in. If your skin is in this state of severe ptosis, then you may qualify for an upper back lift. You may not qualify if you have certain medical conditions that impede your ability to heal. You may not have this surgery if you are or have the following:

Diabetes (not controlled)/high blood sugar
A nicotine addition (you must stop smoking)
A bleeding disorder
Any medical condition that will limit your chances of healing
A sustainable weight with no more weight fluctuations
Dr. Vinyard will sit down with you in his Port Saint. Lucie office and discuss your candidacy for the upper back lift. He may also make recommendations as to what would be suitable for your silhouette then ask that you have realistic expectations as to what this plastic surgery can do for your body contour.

What's the technique?

In an outpatient setting at an accredited surgical facility under a general anesthetic, you will be prepared for your upper back lift lying on your stomach. Making two separate scars, Dr. Vinyard will make the upper back lift incision at the side of each breast (or pec for men) until just before reaching the spine. This will create surgical scars that can be hidden by your shirt, bra, or a conservative bathing suit. These incisions will open up the area so that Dr. Vinyard can remove the excess skin, liposuction some of the fat, and tighten the muscles in the area for a redefine silhouette. The incisions will be sutured shut. Dr. Vinyard may take 1 – 2 hours in the operating room for this procedure (more if it is combined with another procedure). You will also be required to wear a compression garment on the treatment area for 4 – 6 weeks after your surgery (or longer if suggested by Dr. Vinyard).

What can I expect?

You will recover for about 6 – 8 weeks but should return to work before then. Dr. Vinyard will assess your progress during your follow-up appointments. Every patient will recover at his or her own pace, especially if the upper back lift was accompanied by another procedure. You may feel some discomfort and tightness in the back, but these symptoms will lessen after a few weeks.

Taking care of your skin in the treatment area will be very important. This procedure does leave a visible scar. If you are a woman, you can conceal the scar with your bra or bathing suit to cover it. If you are a male patient, the scar will have to be covered by your shirt. Excellent scar care can help it heal flat and lighter with each passing day. You may also consider scar revision surgery in the future if it is that bothersome to you. If at any time you have a question or concern about your skin, please give your patient coordinator a call or make an appointment to see Dr. Vinyard.

How much does an upper back lift cost?

As an upper back lift is an aesthetic procedure customized for your body, we can discuss the fees and options for what is needed to achieve your results in the consultation. This payment will be applied to your account for Dr. Vinyard’s professional fees. You will have a physical examination and a full review of your health history so that he can determine the best course of action in getting you the results you want. We will discuss how much this procedure will cost with a detail fee schedule.

Can I combine this procedure with a breast lift?

During your consultation, you should ask about other procedures that you would consider combining with an upper back lift. Each patient situation is different. Dr. Vinyard would be the best to make that call once seeing you in a private consultation. If Dr. Vinyard believes it is not safe to combine these two procedures, then he will recommend alternative options like staging out your surgeries in a series. It is possible to have more than one plastic surgery. Your health and safety are the most important factor in determining the answer to this question. Consulting with Dr. Vinyard would be the best answer so that he could examine you and your case to make a decision if a simultaneous surgery is possible.

Is there a nonsurgical alternative to this procedure?

We understand that some patients will inquire about nonsurgical options for an upper back lift. While there are noninvasive ways to tighten the skin, the most dramatic results will be produced with a surgical excision of the skin that hangs in this area. Skin that has lost the elasticity will not return to its former firmness because of the severity of damage to the skin. Nonsurgical treatments will produce lackluster results. Make sure to let Dr. Vinyard know if you have an interest in nonsurgical services, and he will talk you through all of your options.

Can't I just have lipo?

Liposuction alone will not solve the problem of hanging skin. Yes, liposuction is one of the best surgical methods used for fat removal today. However, patients who are candidates for an upper back lift are not dealing with only excess fat, but instead, loose skin. Having an upper back lift is the best ways to achieve the results you want for a flat, toned back. Keep in mind that liposuction is a technique that is used during the surgery to remove small pockets of fat — it is not a means for weight loss.

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