How Do BODYtite Treatments Work?

7 advantages to bodytite treatments

BODYtite uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten up skin and dissolve fat, making it simpler to eliminate via liposuction. This relatively new approach is known as RFAL, or RF-Assisted Lipolysis. BODYtite can be executed either alone or together with liposuction surgery. The liposuction surgical treatment eliminates fat cells, while BODYtite’s RF waves aid in tightening the skin.

Like the more commonly known liposuction, BODYtite only calls for small cuts, so it’s considered a treatment, not a medical treatment. The procedure is minimally intrusive without any downtime. The ideal BODYtite candidate is a person with persistent fat on the neck, arms, upper legs, abdomen, butt, or knees.

What Locations Does BODYtite Treat?

  • Bat wings.
  • Love handles.
  • Stomach fat.
  • Fatty knees and thighs.
  • Breasts (can be lifted or tightened up).
  • Bra-line fat.
  • Male bust area.

Is BODYtite A Safe Treatment Choice?

BODYtite is FDA-approved for use on the stomach, arms, bust, knees, and upper legs. It’s formally considered safe. The doctor makes use of a computerized system to manage the temperature, lowering your risk of being burned by the thermal power.

Having your therapy executed by a Board Qualified Plastic Surgeon is one of the most efficient means to make sure that the treatment goes off perfectly. As long as you pick a skilled specialist and comply with all of the doctor’s directions, BODYtite is a very secure and safe treatment.

What will a BODYtite Appointment Look Like?

While you wait for Dr. Vinyard or one of his nurse practitioners to attend to you, you’ll rest pleasantly in the VIPS workplace location. After being brought right into the therapy location, you’ll have the ability to rest or relax in a comfortable spot. The doctor or nurse practitioner will use an anesthetic gel to the location which you will be receiving therapy on. This gel not only minimizes the pain that you will experience, but prevents the superhigh frequency rays from harming your skin at the same time. It could be slightly cool to the touch.

The BODYtite device is connected to a handpiece, which the surgeon will use to perform the treatment. The device utilizes two radio frequency transferring probes; one is slid into your body – through a tiny laceration, which the specialist will make in your skin at the treatment area – and the other is kept on the outside of the skin. As Dr. Vinyard moves the RF handpiece, the device sends out electrical currents between both probes.

Having your therapy executed by a Board Qualified Plastic Surgeon is one of the most efficient means to make sure that the treatment goes off perfectly.

The probes produce warmth through radio frequencies that generate collagen, dissolve fat cells, as well as trigger the skin to contract and tighten. The currents are aimed at the undesirable fat particularly. It heats up the fat cells, causing them to swell and also solidify, making them less challenging to get rid of.

Following the use of the RF waves, Dr. Vinyard will utilize a slim tube to suck out the unwanted, heated fat. The advantage of this procedure is that the skin firming result is considered better than anything else easily available on the marketplace and authorized by the FDA today. It takes 30-45 minutes to handle each individual area. For those that desire multiple areas to be dealt with, the treatment can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hrs.

What are the Pros and Cons of BODYtite?

Benefits of BODYtite

  • BODYtite has been FDA-approved since 2016 for fat reducing treatments on the belly, arms, breast, knees, and also thighs. 
  • Minimal quantities of fat are dissolved and very carefully gotten rid of. Saggy skin is tightened and the look of the area gains aesthetic improvement. The radio frequencies both lift as well as tighten the skin.
  • Improvements over standard lipo: BODYtite has much less possible risks and also less hazardous side-effects. Coagulated small blood vessels reduce blood loss as well as scarring. No invasive surgical procedure is required.
  • Paired with a standard liposuction surgical procedure, BODYtite can be used to eliminate even more substantial unwanted fat for obese clients.
  • Treatments can be as fast as half an hour for smaller sized therapy locations.
  • Treatments are done with a local anesthetic rather than general anesthesia.
  • Patients with fatty pockets as well as drooping skin are not good prospects for liposuction given that the surgery leaves skin sagging and wrinkled. Prior to BODYtite, the only alternatives for people with loosened skin were very invasive treatments which included significant potential risks and also frequently resulted with undesirable results such as big scars and a lengthy recovery.

Disadvantages of BODYtite

BODYtite alone will not give you dramatic body weight loss, just body contouring.

You’ll already need to be near to your perfect weight to be an excellent candidate, not incredibly overweight.

Many RealSelf participants who placed BODYtite as an “ineffective” treatment, underwent the treatment by physicians that were not Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons. If you want to experience fantastic results, you require a professional specialist.

BODYtite has much less possible risks and also less hazardous side-effects. Coagulated small blood vessels reduce blood loss as well as scarring. No invasive surgical procedure is required.

When Will I See BODYtite Results?

Some outcomes will be apparent promptly after your treatment, particularly if fat was also removed by lipo. More results will become apparent as you heal fully. Within 3 months, you’ll see outcomes – as soon as the majority of the swelling has finally reduced. For as much as a year, there will certainly be progressively enhanced collagen development with continuous tightening and an increasing glow.

Over time, BODYtite causes 25-45% contraction of tissue along with tightening. So long as you maintain your weight within 5 to 10 pounds, the results of your BODYtite treatment will last for years to come.

How Much does BODYtite Cost?

The typical cost of a BODYtite procedure is $5,000. Your exact price will depend on the size and number of the areas you want treated.

Falling in Love With Your BODYtite Results

The BODYtite system offers a virtually scarless, minimally intrusive alternative to conventional plastic surgery treatments, ensuring increased patient comfort. It results in the shrinkage of fat, with shorter treatment times, decreased bruising, and very little down-time, plus there are no lacerations or sutures.

When you consider how convenient the treatment is, the fact that most patients walk away with a 25-45% reduction of fat in the treated area is absolutely remarkable. If you are tired of dealing with your stubborn fat and ready to finally see it vanish, it’s time to try BODYtite. Contact our office to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Vinyard today.

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