The VIPS Experience at Florida’s Elite Plastic Surgery Practice

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Plastic Surgery

Years of training, experience, and expertise – some of the words that come to mind whenever we try to describe the perfect plastic surgeon, the one in whose hands we can entrust not only our aesthetic goals but also our hopes and dreams for a better quality of life. And that is not unexpected; after all, deciding on a plastic surgeon is not a decision to be made lightly. You will want to study the plastic surgeon’s credentials, its work and have access to a myriad of before-and-after photos and reviews.

However, our training and experience enough for a pleasant, one-of-a-kind experience? Do only the procedure results matter? Can we measure a plastic surgeon’s professional skills mainly through before-and-after photo galleries? Or is there something else that matters more?

What Makes a “True Plastic Surgeon?”

Here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, meets all of these credentials. With more than a decade of experience as a plastic surgeon and several advanced fellowships on his résumé, it is safe to say that Dr. Vinyard is a proud member of the plastic surgery elite, whose professional approach and expertise will bring your aesthetic goals to life. 

However, for Dr. Vinyard, plastic surgery is more than that – it’s about creating a one-of-a-kind experience for the patient and creating a strong community where the bonds of friendship stay healthy even after the procedure. That is why patients who, in the beginning, are only focusing on the results leave Dr. Vinyard’s office happier, more confident, and a part of the VIPS family! The VIPS experience truly is a unique one, and we would like to share with you why the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery is one of Florida’s elite practices.

Meet Dr. Vinyard

Creating the VIP Experience

The moment they enter the VIPS office doors, patients are welcomed into a world where their needs, hopes, and dreams come first, as Dr. Vinyard tells us: “At the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, we really strive to create a VIP experience for all of our patients.” 

To achieve that, Dr. Vinyard enjoys the help of professional, experienced staff, whose dedication and willingness to help every single patient bring patient care to the next level: “We really wanted it to feel like a family environment, so we do that in several different ways, one of which is the care that they care from our staff. We really have compassionate and caring staff here that want to get to know our patients, and they have accessibility to reaching each of us day or night.” This customer-oriented procedure, focusing on being there for patients day in, day out has left numerous positive marks in our reviews:

“The most amazing plastic surgeon & Dr.’s office on the Treasure Coast! Always someone to answer the phone, call you back and answer all your questions! I did choose Dr. Vinyard for my procedure & would choose him again if ever needed! Amazing Dr., staff & best of all RESULTS!!!!” – E.A. | Source: Facebook | Feb 14, 2021.

The entire staff is wonderful and Dr. Vinyard is great. He takes his time to explain procedures and ensure you are informed and comfortable with everything. Highly recommended! – C.L. | Source: Facebook | Dec 04, 2020.

The VIP Experience

Upper back

Plastic surgeon's credentials

Creating the Perfect Ambience

At the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery every single detail, such as the office’s beautiful coastal décor, warm color scheme, comfortable lighting, and the tranquil sound of running water, contributes to a welcoming and soothing ambiance. That way, the patients will let go of their anxiety and learn that the VIP experience is all about being comfortable. 

“When the patients come in, they’re greeted by our staff. They’re escorted back to their private room. They have plush, comfortable robes that they’re wearing instead of hard paper gowns. We try to locate every single detail of the practice that’s going to make it feel more comfortable for them,” Dr. Vinyard tells us.  

The VIPS approach is so effective that patients feel truly luxurious:

“Wow! What’s not to love about the office and staff of Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. William Vinyard and his nurse, Mary Louise? The moment I walked in, the ambiance was soothing and comfortable, with Abby, the receptionist, adding the right touch of perfect warmth welcoming me to VIPS […] So, with every step I have taken, I am treated like a VIP princess surrounding with laughter, comfort, warmth, and shown real concerns for my well-being.” – L.2. | Source: Google | Mar 05, 2021.

Getting to Know the Patients

In the world of plastic surgery, every single patient, due to unique anatomy and aesthetic goals, requires a customized approach. That is what here at VIPS, Dr. Vinyard is ready to deliver: taking the time to learn about the patient’s life and goals and their doubts and fears paves the way for a successful procedure. 

With such a kind and thoughtful approach, Dr. Vinyard has improved the lives of countless patients, and reviews such as this one are there to prove it: “Loveeeee Dr. Vinyard. Mary-Louise. Luke and the rest of the staff. I never meet people that are so kind and nice. I will recommend everyone to Dr. William Vinyard. He is the best!” – P.G. | Source: Healthgrades | Feb 12, 2021.

Restoring Confidence and Self Esteem

Finally, what truly defines the VIP experience is seeing how our patients’ quality of life changes after leaving our office. Happiness, newfound confidence, and improved self-esteem – these are but a few of the words that our patients tell us when they come back to visit. For Dr. Vinyard, the joy of bringing positive change into a patient’s life is his greatest reward, and we’re happy to see so many of our patients coming back to the VIPS office, ready to take part in our regular events and share their VIP experience with future patients as well. 

However, it is the patient’s word that truly counts, and we have a lovely review from our patients to prove it:

 “I feel incredible – I have no words to describe everything I feel right now. Today I’m finally happy in my own body. I feel like?? and it’s just the beginning of my journey. Thank you so much, Dr. Vinyard, Mary Louise, for giving me back my confidence in myself.” – S. | Source: RealSelf | Dec 29, 2020. 


VIP experience for all of our patients

Trust, dedication, and an honest desire to help people – add these ingredients to training and experience, and you get the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, the elite plastic surgery practice in the Sunshine State! Are you ready to get to know us and start your own VIP experience? Contact us and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard today.

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