The Best Laser for Vein Removal: Say Goodbye to Varicose Veins!

As we all enter into a new year, starting a fresh January with resolutions firmly in hand, one of the most common goals is to improve your heath. Maybe eating more veggies, getting more workouts in, or simply losing weight are on your list of resolutions, and so your mind is already flitting towards spring and summer, where you’ll truly be able to show off the amazing results of those changes you’ve worked hard to implement.

There are many aspects of the body that can be honed by hard work, and discipline, but some things simply are out of your control to fix or change, and yet these can be some of the most obvious, which have a huge role in reducing your self-confidence. Varicose, or spider veins is one of these things. No matter how closely you stick to your healthy resolutions, when it’s time to don your favorite summer dress, you may find yourself wishing you had made it a goal to find a solution to your varicose veins sooner.

That means that right now is the perfect time to begin treating any unsightly veins that make you nervous to bare your legs in the summer…add building confidence to your list of important tasks, and make it a priority to discover the best way to treat your varicose veins.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

Varicose, or spider veins are formed because of damage inflicted upon your veins. They are most commonly seen in legs, but they can occur anywhere on the body. Veins contain small one-way valves, and when these valves are injured, they cannot function properly. 

Because veins are used to pump blood to the heart, and the valves inside direct the blood flow towards the heart, when the valves are “broken”, some of the blood actually flows backwards, and fills up the vein. Too much blood in the vein causes pressure to build up, and weaken the vein walls. This causes the bulging, or bursting beneath the skin that becomes visible.

Who Is Likely To Develop Spider Veins?

These kinds of vein problems are often genetic, so if you have relatives with a history of varicose veins, you are likely at risk of suffering from them yourself. If you have a job that requires you to sit or stand in the same position for lengthy periods throughout the day, this can damage your veins as well. Dramatic hormonal changes, too much sun, or an injury can be a factor; expectant mothers and elderly people are also at higher risk for varicose veins.

Varicose, or spider veins, are not just a cosmetic issue. Depending on the type and seriousness of the veins, they could develop into a more life-threatening situation, like blood clotting or open sores.

Legs To Love

Reduce the appearance of varicose veins on your legs once and for all.

The Most Effective Treatment: Laser Therapy

There are many different methods you can utilize to treat your spider veins. The effectiveness of the treatment you choose will depend on the severity of your vein issue, and the level of treatment you choose to purse.

Remove Those Unsightly Veins Once and For All

For a thorough removal of varicose veins, your doctor will likely suggest that you pursue laser therapy. Laser therapy directs concentrated light at the targeted veins, and the energy will close the wall of the veins. Within the next four to six weeks, the vein will break down and be absorbed by the body. The unsightly vein is then gone for good! You may love the restored look of your smooth legs so much that you’ll decide to return for further therapies as new veins form.  

There are several different types of laser therapies available on the market, however, many of them require more intensive surgical procedures to be used effectively. Vasculaze laser therapy is one of the most effective, yet much less invasive treatments, and is generally much quicker in terms of the actual therapy session length, and recovery.

Preventative Measures For Varicose Veins

There are some preventative measures you can take to help avoid damaging your veins, and to help small outbreaks of varicose veins to not spread. Your doctor may recommend that you increase your activity levels, and do more exercise. If you have a job where you sit for a long time, break it up every thirty minutes and walk around. If the converse is true, and you stand for long periods, sit down every thirty minutes. Elevating your legs, and keeping long baths to a minimum can also help.

If you already have varicose veins, you can look into compression stockings. These stockings steadily apply pressure to help keep the blood flowing in the correct direction. They may help decrease swelling and the risk of blood clots forming; however, they will not remove visible signs of spider veins.

Is Laser Therapy The Answer For you? Run, Don't Walk!

If you are ready to bare your legs with confidence, and to say goodbye to health risks and blood clots for good, laser therapy is the right choice for you. Stop battling with your varicose veins, find a board-certified plastic surgeon, and ask to schedule your first laser therapy session today!

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