why to try laser hair removal asap

Stop What You’re Doing And Try Laser Hair Removal Immediately

These days, hair removal is a surprisingly complex conversation. With some women opting to stop shaving altogether, others go to lengths to permanently remove all unseemly hair from their body. With an ever increasing need to look your best at all times, it is not surprising that women want to be prepared for everything. 

Typical Options For Hair Removal

Shaving & Hair Removal Creams

You have a number of options when it comes to hair removal. Although you can always shave, the hair will grow back in a matter of days. Hair removal creams liquify hair within minutes, but tend to smell like wet dog.


Of course there’s always regular waxing, which pulls up the hair from its base origin, yanking as if the hair were an enemy. Though the hair doesn’t grow back for several weeks, waxing is an agonizing procedure and the hair itches horribly when it begins to grow back.


There are also alternatives such as electrolysis, which uses a super-fine needle placed right into each hair to send an electrical current to kill the hair follicle. If you think that sounds excruciating, you’re not far off. A session of electrolysis can also be extremely time consuming.

Laser Hair Removal

And that brings us to laser hair elimination, quite possibly the best option for hair removal. The laser detects the hair by concentrating on the cells that reside in the hair follicles. When the melanin in the hair is targeted, the laser burns down the hair follicle to the root. After a few sessions of the laser hair removal treatment, you’ll be able to throw away your razor. 

After a few sessions of the laser hair removal treatment, you'll be able to throw away your razor!

Sound too good to be true? But it’s not! Laser hair removal is one of the best possible choices when it comes to non-invasive treatment options to increase a woman’s aesthetic beauty.

The Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

#1. No Need To Shave

While laser hair removal doesn’t eliminate hair for life (only electrolysis is FDA-approved for irreversible hair removal), it does considerably lower hair growth, to the point that you can stop shaving completely.

#2. Can Be Performed Anywhere On The Body

You can have laser hair removal performed anywhere on the body and the equipment is able to cover large areas quickly. From your legs to your back, to your underarms, to your swimsuit line, to your belly, to your face, there is no limit to the areas that can receive the laser hair elimination treatment.

There is no limit to the areas that can receive the laser hair elimination treatment.

#3. Significantly Reduces Pain

When it comes to pain levels, laser hair elimination falls somewhere between shaving (which is pain free) and waxing (which is a divine hell that hurts like hell). The professionals make use of ice to assist in numbing the location both before and after the laser treatment. As the treatments go on and the hair grows finer, they become less and less painful.

#4. Precision

Lasers can precisely target dark, rugged hairs while leaving the bordering skin intact with no harm or scarring.

#5. Speed Of The Treatment

Each pulse of the laser takes a mere fraction of a second and has the ability to treat several hairs at once. The laser can treat a location approximately the size of a quarter every second. Smaller locations (such as the top lip) can be treated in under a minute, while larger areas (such as the back or legs) may take up to an hour.

#6. Predictability

Most patients experience long-term hair loss after 3 to 7 sessions. Laser hair removal predictably removes and keeps away hair for the long-term. 

Rather than simply 'zapping' unwanted hair, laser hair removal offers a permanent solution which will last for years to come.

Preparing For Laser Hair Removal

Rather than simply ‘zapping’ unwanted hair, laser hair removal is a medical treatment that requires training to perform. Ensure that you select an experienced physician who has extreme knowledge and understands the risks involved. It’s always wise to choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon when you undergo medical treatments to guarantee that the procedure will come out exactly the way you envision it. 

If you plan to undergo laser hair elimination, stop plucking, waxing, or having electrolysis for four to six weeks before the therapy. That’s because the laser needs to target the hairs’ origins (which are briefly eliminated through normal waxing or tweezing). It’s also important to avoid sun exposure for four to six weeks before and after the therapy. Sun exposure makes laser hair removal less reliable and can create additional issues. It’s best to avoid the sun for awhile.

What to Expect During Laser Hair Removal

Typically, a topical numbing lotion is used for 20 to 30 minutes ahead of the laser treatment to aid with the sting of the laser pulses.The laser tools are adjusted according to the shade, density, and size, of the hair being treated, in addition to your skin tone. Right before the treatment, your hair will be cut to a few millimeters above the skin surface. 

Stop plucking, waxing, or having electrolysis for four to six weeks before the therapy and avoid sun exposure for six weeks before the treatment as well.

It is possible that you will need to utilize safety goggles for your eyes or a cold gel to shield the outer layers of your skin. The technician will point a laser at the treatment area and carefully watch for the next few minutes to ensure the procedure goes as planned. 

After the treatment is finished, you may be provided a cold pack, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions, or cold water to alleviate any pain. You should schedule follow-up visits every 4 to 6 weeks until the hair stops growing back.

Healing & Recovery

For up to 48 hours after your procedure, the treated area will both look and feel as though it’s sunburned. Compresses and creams may be helpful. If your face was treated, you’ll be able to use makeup the following day before you go to work to hide the sunburned area, unless the skin is blistering. In the month to come, the hair from the area will disappear. 

Wearing sunblock may also protect against short-term changes in the color of the skin addressed. These blisters are extremely rare, but more likely in individuals with darker skin tones. Other potential side effects are swelling, soreness, and scarring. Long-term scarring or changes in skin shade are very uncommon.

Costs of Laser Hair Removal

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the typical price for laser hair removal is $285 per session, but is extremely dependent upon the individual. Cost factors include: 

  • Dimension of the location being treated, and the time needed for the treatment. 
  • The number of therapies needed to achieve your vision. 
  • Which medical professional is performing the treatment. 
  • The area of the country where you are undergoing the treatment.

In order to determine precisely what your individual treatments will cost you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Vinyard and the VIPS nursing team. We would love to help you determine whether laser hair removal treatment is the best option for you.

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