Mommy Makeovers 101 – Should You Include A Tummy Tuck?

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When different factors, such as severe weight loss, pregnancy, or natural aging processes, leave the area around your stomach weak and saggy, a tummy tuck could be the best solution for you! Medically referred to as an abdominoplasty, this procedure is ideal for those who want to tighten their abdominal muscles or who have excess fat deposits and loose belly skin. These are common challenges for women to experience, especially after pregnancy. Have you recently given birth and are considering tummy tuck as part of your ’Mommy makeover’? Today we’re talking about why tummy tuck will provide you with the abdomen you’ve always dreamed of!

What is a tummy tuck and how long does it last?

Abdominoplasty (commonly called the tummy tuck) is a surgical procedure designed to remodel the contour of the belly area when the skin loses its elasticity, and the abdominal muscle tissue weakens due to extreme changes happening in your body. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will disconnect the skin from the underlying muscle tissue, stitch up the abdominal tissue, and remove any loose skin and pockets of fat from the area. After the surgery, the stomach area will be firmer, the abdominal muscles tighter, and the contour of the belly restored! Tummy tuck is a safe procedure when carried out by a plastic surgeon who is board-certified, well-trained, and experienced.
Most of the patients who undergo this procedure are thrilled with the results – tummy tuck has a 97% ‘’Worth it’’ rating on the RealSelf website, and the number of procedures reported by ASPS (The American Society of Plastic Surgeons) has increased by 104% between 2000 and 2016.


Who are the best candidates for a tummy tuck procedure?

Tummy tuck is a safe, very effective procedure for those who want to get rid of loose skin and pockets of fat in the abdomen. At your first consultation, Dr. Vinyard will review your medical history, examine your abdomen, evaluate how an abdominoplasty could improve your figure, and help determine whether the procedure is right for you. Men and women who are physically healthy, at a stable weight, and want to have the figure of their dreams can choose to have this procedure done right away! Nevertheless, the plastic surgeon community advises against such a procedure for women who plan to get pregnant again.

5 reasons why you should include a tummy tuck on your ‘Mommy makeover’ list:

#1: Improved posture.

Carrying excess pockets of fat and loose skin together with weakened muscle tissues can lead to a medical condition called lordosis (commonly known as a sway back), which can cause severe back pain.
The tummy tuck surgical procedure strengthens and tightens the abdominal muscles, responsible for supporting the spine. After the procedure, patients may notice that their posture has improved significantly, thanks to the tightened muscles supporting the spine and that the back pain has disappeared.

2#: Easier to maintain weight loss.

Several studies indicate that patients who underwent stomach-reducing surgeries to lose weight were more likely to achieve better results when they combined it with a tummy tuck procedure. Patients who combined the two procedures obtained longer-lasting results than those who didn’t have any body-contouring procedures performed.

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3#: Ventral hernia correction.

Ventral hernias occur when the abdominal or intestinal tissue becomes weak because of several potential factors, such as massive weight loss, and breaks through the abdominal wall, forming a pocket or sack. These are symptoms similar to the ones that require a tummy tuck since both procedures correct weakened abdominal muscle tissue. No matter the cause, whether pregnancy or weight, a ventral hernia can be caused by a weak abdominal wall.
Ventral hernia can occur multiple times in a lifetime if the abdominal muscle tissue is left untreated. Often, your surgeon will weigh the advantages of adding a tummy tuck procedure to the hernia repair to strengthen the abdominal muscle tissue and prevent future occurrences. Combining the procedures is extremely safe and recommended by the medical community, as it can provide long-lasting results, and reduce medical expenses and down-time.

#4: Tummy tucks can help treat Stress Urinary Incontinence.

Women who underwent vaginal births can develop a condition called ‘Stress Urinary Incontinence’ (SUI), a bladder control issue caused by sudden events, such as exercising, sneezing, and coughing.
During the tummy tuck procedure, the plastic surgeon can speed up the recovery for patients with SUI by using soft tissue to obstruct the bladder near the pelvic area, thereby reducing incontinence. These procedures are highly-effective when combined since most patients no longer experience SUI symptoms when recovering.

#5: Increased Exercise Tolerance.

Patients who have weak abdominal muscle tissue can experience a lot of pain when exercising. A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon will recommend a tummy tuck for those patients who enjoy walking, running, or other aerobic activities necessary for a person’s well-being.

Frequent exercise will help patients retain weight loss!

At the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, the staff members pride themselves on providing treatment for patients who want to lose unwanted pockets of fat and loose skin in the abdomen. Tummy tuck is a VIPS top surgical procedure, so patients are guaranteed to receive the comprehensive care they deserve and regain the stunning looks of their dreams! If you are ready to include a tummy tuck on your Mommy makeover list, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Vinyard at our headquarters in Port St. Lucie, FL, today!

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