Is it Time To BODYtite Your Thighs?

February means two things: Valentine’s Day (hello chocolates!) and it’s time to start thinking about Spring. By the time February rolls around, people have had enough of snow and ice and are ready to welcome a certain groundhog who beckons the commencement of Spring.

Along with the anticipation for Spring is the yearly dread of shorts season. For many, the summer means a time of suffocating embarrassment as you once again try to act like you’re not at all stuffy in the pants you have to wear (despite the rising temperatures) to hide your legs from the outside world. 

If you’re feeling ready to make a change, and finally embrace shorts season with the thigh gap of your dreams, read on. An innovative alternative in the cosmetic world is ready to take the summer by storm, starting with you bidding adieu to your thunder thighs for the last time.

What is BODYtite?

BODYtite is an amazing procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to both dissolve fat cells and cause your skin to retain its taut condition. This technique is called Radio frequency assisted lipolysis. 

Depending on the amount of stubborn fat you are seeking to be rid of, your board-certified physician may recommend that you consider liposuction in addition to your BODYtite treatment to bring your thighs to the slim size you are dreaming of.

How Does BODYtite Work?

During your BODYtite procedure, your doctor will make small insisions to slip a metal probe beneath the surface of your skin. A mirroring probe will skim the topside of your skin, and waves of radiofrequency energy will be transmitted between the two probes. 

The incision sites may be a bit tender for the week following your surgery, but a full recovery should follow in no time.

These waves will cause the fat cells to dissolve, allowing them to be removed via a cannula suctioning device. This procedure generally lasts about 30 to 45 minutes for each area being treated. Depending on the amount of fat removal being done on your thighs, it may up to 3 hours.

Because BODYtite is a minimally invasive procedure, it generally involves a fairly quick recovery time. The incision sites may be a bit tender for the week following your surgery, but a full recovery should follow in no time.

How To Target The Famously Called "Thunder Thighs"

There are several areas of the thigh that BODYtite can be used on to eradicate what are commonly known as “thunder thighs”.

The inner thigh is one of the areas most often targeted by BODYtite treatments, as this can help you finally get that thigh gap that is nearly impossible to achieve on your own! Your doctor will most likely treat from the top of the inner thigh all the way down to the knee, to produce an organic-looking leg look that is equally proportioned and consistent.

The outside of the thigh is the area that makes or breaks a contoured leg look. Fat tends to sink deep into the outer thigh, and can actually contribute to an optical illusion that makes your legs look shorter than they actually are. It’s important to make sure you and your doctor are on the same page for how your BODYtite treatment will leave your thighs looking if you are treating your outer thighs; a common mistake is removing ALL the fat on the outer thigh, which can take away from the natural shape of your legs.

Your doctor will most likely treat from the top of the inner thigh all the way down to the knee, to produce an organic-looking leg look that is equally proportional and consistent.

The least common area of the thighs that can be slimmed down using BODYtite is the front (anterior) of the thigh. Depending on your body type, this can also be troublesome area that contributes to the thunder thigh vibes your legs are giving off. Your doctor may recommend that you address this area to keep your body from looking “bottom heavy” or off balance. 

If you are having BODYtite on any area of the thigh, it may be important to do this area as well, to keep your legs looking consistently contoured.

Time To Tighten: How to Find The Best BODYtite Doctor For You

You’ve decided BODYtite is the answer to your stubborn thigh troubles; now it’s time to find a plastic surgeon who will help you to achieve the slimmed down legs of your dreams. It will be helpful to schedule an initial consultation with a cosmetic surgeon and begin talking about your goals. 

Listen to your doctor and make sure he or she is taking into account the natural shape of your legs.

Share your vision, and make sure you have a realistic expectation of the results BODYtite will give you. Listen to your doctor and make sure he or she is taking into account the natural shape of your legs and that the treatment they are recommending will adequately deal with the areas you are hoping will be slimmed down. Make sure your doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons to ensure that your experience will be facilitated by a capable professional.

BODYtite: Bringing A Whole New Meaning to "Sun's Out Gun's Out"

Even though Spring and Summer may not quite be peeking their heads around the corner, it’s never too soon to start planning your summer look. The time has come to be able to confidently don the shorts or swimsuit of your choice, and tan those thighs without a second thought. 

If you feel like it’s time to finally check that thigh gap off your list of goals for 2020, then ask your doctor about BODYtite for your thighs today.

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