Crow’s feet are the little lines that appear at the external corner of each eye when you smile. As the natural aging process takes place, your facial muscles remain contracted and cause the appearance of wrinkles along the brow line and eye creases. Depending on the condition of your skin, these lines could be either thin or deep, mild or severe. You might notice them more when you smile, laugh, or hold tension in your face. Your skin loses collagen, an essential protein for healthy, beautiful skin. This makes your skin loose and saggy, causing you to look older than your years.

Plastic surgeons have been using Botox injections for treating Crow’s feet, along with many other aging symptoms, for several years now, as an extremely safe, minimally-intrusive type of treatment. Have you considered Botox as a treatment for your Crow’s feet? Today we’re talking about how many units of Botox are necessary to achieve the gorgeous results you deserve!

Botox is a highly-effective treatment for aging symptoms such as Crow’s feet!

Why Do We Get Crow’s Feet?

Our faces have 43 different muscle tissues, which we use to make facial expressions. When these muscle tissues move, they cause creases to temporarily appear. The elasticity of our skin allows it to go back to its initial position when the muscle tissues relax. As we age, our skin loses several of its attributes: our body produces less and less elastin and collagen, two proteins responsible for maintaining the shape of our skin. In addition to muscle movement, the thin inner layer of skin around the eyes lacks any oil-secreting glands, making the area more vulnerable to drying and wrinkling as we age. As your skin elasticity around this thin skin layer decreases, your skin cannot return to its initial state.

This process normally starts in our 20s, accelerating throughout our lives, particularly after 30. Several other factors which contribute to the development of Crow’s feet are:

  1. Your genes
  2. Sun exposure
  3. Food and beverages
  4. Stress
  5. Pollution in the air