How Long Does Breast Augmentation Recovery Take?

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Breast, Breast Augmentation

The choice of undergoing a breast augmentation procedure is an important decision. From pre-surgery preparation to post-surgery recovery, the whole process requires a lot of patience, especially with your body, which will need enough time to rest and adjust to the new reality. Furthermore, following all medical advice provided by your plastic surgeon must be done to the letter for a successful outcome.

If you are trying to learn how long the breast augmentation recovery will be before undergoing the procedure, finding a definitive answer is arduous work – numerous factors, such as implant size and type, and placement must be taken into account.  

On average, the entire recovery process could take anywhere upward to 6 weeks, although this number could vary. Here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, our medical team, led by Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, values safety and results. For that reason, our mission is to accompany you throughout the recovery process, making sure that, once you leave the operating room, you will be both happy and healthy. Today’s blog will tackle the main stages of breast augmentation recovery, giving you all the information you need upon entering the operating room.

Immediately after Your Breast Surgery 

Waking Up From Anesthesia 

Dr. Vinyard’s surgical team will deliver you an anesthetic before commencing the procedure. The effects of anesthesia will wear off once the procedure is over.

Waking up from the anesthesia will seem a bit weird – you will probably experience light episodes of dizziness or disorientation as you are being transferred to a recovery room and kept under constant monitoring. These effects, however, are all caused by the anesthetic and should wear off in a matter of hours.

The First 24 Hours of Recovery 

Our medical team will keep you under close monitoring in a recovery room. Once you are stable for discharge, Dr. Vinyard will permit you to return home. However, due to safety reasons, asking for a friend or family member to drive you home is paramount. Furthermore, make sure that a trustworthy person can stay with you overnight.  

Wraps & Bandages

After leaving the operating room, we will provide you with a support bra, both to hold the weight of the breasts as they recover and to minimize swelling. Wearing these garments provided by Dr. Vinyard is essential for the overall recovery process.

Nipple Reconstruction

Increase the size, shape, or fullness of the breast

Days 2-14: Rest & Restoration  

This period marks the transition from uncomfortable, painful episodes to returning to daily activities and light work. The first 72 hours will likely be the most uncomfortable, during which you will manage the pain with prescribed medication. As the pain gradually eases, you will be able to resume daily activities and even return to your desk job. However, resuming strenuous activities, such as lifting, is strictly forbidden. The main point is, for the upcoming two weeks, rest and restoration should be your top priority.


Preparing Your Family for a Week of Rest

As your body continues to adjust after the procedure, you will require help and support from your family members. For the first few days, they will aid you with simple, day-to-day activities and keep a vigilant eye on you, making sure that you follow Dr. Vinyard’s recommendations thoroughly. They must constantly check if you can sleep in a comfortable position and if you have everything you need within reach. After the first three to five days, the acute pain gradually subsides, making it easier for you to manage the pain with over-the-counter medicine. As such, it will be safe to do things such as showering and returning to your desk job, as well as light exercise.

Taking Down Time from Work

Patients whose jobs do not imply strenuous physical activities can return to work after a week with Dr. Vinyard’s approval. However, if your job implies lifting or running, then you’re looking at at least three weeks away from work. The discomfort should be minimal by now, but strenuous activities will only slow down your progress, and possibly put the whole recovery process in danger.


Successful breast augmentation depends on how well you heal

Weeks 3-6: Return to Your Normal Life


Once you are 3-6 weeks into your recovery process, your pain and discomfort will be greatly reduced. Resuming all of your day-to-day activities will be possible, except, of course, strenuous exercises that train the upper body or elevate your heart rate over 100, such as push-ups or sit-ups. Lower body exercises, such as squats, are recommended.

As you are gradually returning to your normal life, there will be times where you will experience mild soreness or discomfort. However, you will be able to handle the pain without any medication. Your scars will start to fade, even though they might not completely disappear.

Close to Full Recovery

Six weeks after the surgical procedure, your breast implants will feel and look more natural. As the recovery process nears its end, during the scheduled appointments, Dr. Vinyard will assess your progress and allow you to include more activities into your daily life. Typically, after two months, you will be ready to fully enjoy your breast implants and return to your preprocedural life!

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Ensuring your recovery is as stress free as possible.

Now that you know much more about breast augmentation recovery, you are more than ready to undergo your own breast augmentation procedure and love the results! Our medical team, based in Port St. Lucie, FL, is more than ready to guide you through the process of enhancing both your bust and your confidence. Contact us and book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard today!

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