How Is A Scarless Labiaplasty Performed? Introducing Aviva FemTITE

How Is A Scarless Labiaplasty Performed? Introducing Aviva FemTITE

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Vaginal Health

Yes, we’re going to talk about it – we’re going to talk about the place ~down there~. It’s the bikini spot, the leggings area, the topic that makes people blush: the labia. As women age, genetics, pregnancy, childbirth, weight loss, physical trauma, and other factors can contribute to an oversized, asymmetric or loose labia (that is, the vaginal lips). For some, a loose labia is inconvenient, as it can show through certain clothes.  For others, it creates sexual dysfunction due to discomfort during intercourse.  

For women hoping for a smaller labia with a natural-looking appearance, a labiaplasty is an excellent option. Reported as America’s fourth most popular cosmetic procedure, women all over the country are getting cosmetic procedures to address their intimate areas. With such high demand, there is a rise in new, state-of-the-art technology for labiaplasty procedures that are minimally invasive and provide quick results. One of these options is the Aviva FemTITE, a state-of-the-art piece of technology to provide you with similar results as a traditional labiaplasty without the surgery! Keep reading to learn more:

What’s Involved in a Traditional Labiaplasty?

Generally, a traditional labiaplasty is a surgical procedure performed on women with loose, asymmetric or large labia. It is an outpatient procedure, meaning that the patient can return home the day of the procedure. For most women, labiaplasty includes using a scalpel to remove the loose excess labia minora tissue and suturing the remaining skin for a natural, smaller, tighter appearance. A common technique is using the “wedge excision” procedure to remove a “pie-shaped” section of labia minora tissue, excess skin, and from the clitoral hood before suturing the tissue together. 

Total recovery takes around 4-6 weeks, although swelling and discomfort only last about 1-2 weeks. 

What Is FemTITE by Aviva & How Is It Different?

While labiaplasty is fantastic for women with loose labia, it is not the only option. Today, the FemTITE procedure is growing in popularity due to its minimally-invasive nature, shorter recovery periods, and non-excisional treatment. FemTITE can either be done as one session or many sessions, depending on what would work best for the patient’s wishes. Generally, the greatest results are seen after 3-6 months from the initial procedure. 

Since FemTITE procedures don’t involve any removal of tissue, they’re entirely scarless. This has led to FemTITE getting the nickname “scarless labiaplasty” – referring to one of the best benefits of FemTITE. Additionally, full recovery is shorter than a traditional labiaplasty. Regular activities, including using tampons and sexual intercourse, can resume sooner than traditional labiaplasty. 

FemTITE is also very customizable – not every procedure is the same! For some women, one treatment is perfect for the results they desire. For others, a few treatments work best. Also, the amount of laxity will help determine what exactly is best for you. This is why consulting with a Board-Certified, experienced plastic surgeon can help you achieve the best results possible for you. Here at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. William Vinyard, MD, FACS, has helped many women achieve their dream appearances with both the labiaplasty and FemTITE scarless labiaplasty. 

How Does FemTITE Work?

FemTITE is performed with a state-of-the-art handheld device that uses a minor incision to insert the device underneath the skin (almost like an injection) to emit radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) into the labia majora and labia minora. The RFAL is entirely safe and effective, targeting both the internal and external tissue with thermal energy. The waves help dissolve fat while also stimulating collagen, helping produce firmer, tighter skin.

Patients are given a local anesthetic during the FemTITE treatment to help the woman feel as comfortable as possible, particularly when targeting such a sensitive area. Since the FemTITE is minimally invasive, any pain during the procedure is minimal, bearable, and short-lived. Swelling and discomfort afterward only last around one week. Some patients have compared the FemTITE similar-ish to a Brazilian wax in regards to discomfort and initial recovery. 

The FemTITE results are effective and long-lasting, meaning that this procedure can often give similar results as a traditional labiaplasty. If the woman is past childbearing and remains at a healthy weight, the results are permanent. The video below demonstrates exactly how FemTITE works:

Is an OB/GYN or a Plastic Surgeon Better?

Both OB/GYN Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons can offer surgical labiaplasties. However, not all OB/GYN Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons have been trained in the FEMtite scarless labiaplasty technique or own the required equipment to perform the procedure.  It is important to do your research on the various providers that perform the FEMtite scarless labiaplasty procedure and determine who you feel most comfortable with.  Dr. William J. Vinyard is a skilled Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who is known for having an eye for natural contour and symmetry, making him an ideal option if you are looking for an aesthetically-pleasing result. 

Here at VIPS, we continuously strive to give our patients the most information possible to help them decide right for them. We would love to have a consultation session with you to tell you more and learn about you!


Rejuvenate and restore intimacy

Dr. Vinyard prioritizes patient needs first. With years of experience helping women with labiaplasties, Dr. Vinyard is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether you’re looking for a traditional labiaplasty or opting for the minimally-invasive, effective FemTITE scarless labiaplasty, our team can help you explore what options are best for you. With our flexible payment methods, patient-first priority, and years of high-quality, highly-acclaimed experience, we would love to have a complimentary consultation with you. Book with us today!

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