Dispelling 5 Myths about Facelifts

It’s difficult to trace the origins of a belief you have. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception, anyone?). So many influences from friends to social media to movies to our hometowns affect our worldview and the things we believe. Many of us hold certain truths about facelifts to be self evident…but those things that seem so certain just might be wrong. 

Don’t let a snarky comment in a sitcom about Botox inform your thoughts surrounding the concept, and think carefully about where you get your beliefs about facelifts from. Sit back and enjoy the ride as we debunk five of the most common myths about Facelifts…you just might be surprised at what you learn!

Myth #1: Recovery Will Take An Eternity

A facelift is a surgical procedure, and as such, there will be a certain amount of recovery time post-operation. But while many people fear that they will be wearing mummy style bandages around their faces for months after their surgeries, this is simply not a realistic expectation.

In fact, the majority of facelift patients report returning back to their “regularly scheduled programs” in as little as two weeks or less. Hollywood has definitely contributed to this hyperbolic view of the amount of time necessary to recover from their facelifts. It is completely normal to experience tenderness, bruising, and swelling that will require you to stay on top of your prescribed pain killers and keep your head elevated for about two weeks post-op. However, most facelift patients report feeling back to normal within or soon after that initial period.

Myth #2: Facelifts Are Only For Women

Sadly, aging is not a gender-selective curse. Both men and women experience the affect ongoing gravity, pollution, environmental factors, and so much more have upon their skin; especially their faces. So why do so many men buy into the lie that facelifts are a secret weapon to be wielded by the fairer sex alone?

There is absolutely no reason why women should be able to take advantage of a facelift's miraculous powers of rejuvenation and not men!

There was a study done that revealed that out of the almost 126,000 facelifts performed in 2017, almost 10% of those rejuvenated facial features belonged to men! Plastic surgeons everywhere are noting a trend of more and more males seeking out their help in achieving a face that matches their youthful spirits.

A facelift can restore both feminine and masculine definition and contours, and there is absolutely no reason why women should be able to take advantage of a facelift’s miraculous powers of rejuvenation and not men!

Myth #3: Facelifts Are Only For The 'Older Crowd'

Along the same lines, what makes you a good candidate for a facelift is not only not your gender, but also not your age! Plastic surgeons are actually starting to recommend that you get your facelift done preventatively, rather than after the fact. Doctors are voicing the opinion that because younger people have more collagen and faster blood flow, their healing times may be shorter and their results more long lasting.

Your environment and genetics play a massive role in how and when signs of aging will begin to manifest.

Because there are so many different factors and influences that affect how one ages, it might be wise to take stock of where you currently are. Your environment and genetics play a massive role in how and when signs of aging will begin to manifest in your facial features, and a plastic surgeon may be able to help you take this into consideration as you decide when to schedule your facelift. 

So stop believing the myth that says you have to wait until your 87th birthday candles have been blown out, and schedule an initial consultation today!

Myth #4: Your Face Will Be Frozen For Months

While so many people long for the positive changes a facelift can bring to your face, there is always the dread of a facelift gone wrong. We all know someone who loves to share the anecdote about their friend who got a Botox job that froze their face for months to come, and their fear that this will happen to you! The news loves to fixate on the negative, and so these botched procedures and failed facelifts always seem to find their way to the spotlight. They happen of course, but there are many wonderful doctors who put an emphasis on helping you achieve a natural and organic look for your post-surgery outcomes.

Go for an initial consultation and ask to see before and afters.

This is why it is key to do your due diligence when selecting who you will be trusting your face to! Make sure the plastic surgeon you are considering is certified by the American Board of Plastic surgeons. Go for an initial consultation and ask to see before and afters. Check the track record of the doctor; ask how long they’ve been practicing and if they have special certification in the areas they will be operating on.

Myth #5: Facelifts Are A One-Size-Fits-All Procedure

As previously stated, each person ages on a different timeframe based on several factors, and each person is gifted with a unique face and the genetics to back it up. Because every single person has a completely distinctive make-up, it follows that every single facelift procedure would be equally unique.

A facelift is not a “one size fits all” surgery, and if your doctor is acting like it is, hold on to your facial features and RUN!

That is why, when meeting with your doctor, he or she may recommend that you consider changing your “facelift dosage” and adding in a necklift, a browlift, or some other procedure that specifically targets an area of your face that will make all the difference. A facelift is not a “one size fits all” surgery, and if your doctor is acting like it is, hold on to your facial features and RUN!

Fabulous Faces are Just Around the Corner

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