Year of the VIPS Skin Rejuvenation Package

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The holiday season is right upon us. Numerous guests, parties, and family events await you during this magical time of the year. Furthermore, this is the perfect time for year-long resolutions. While your friends might think about reading or traveling more, we see it as the best opportunity for you to invest in your body, starting with its natural defense system. For that reason, the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery is proud to present the first year-long VIPS Skin Rejuvenation Package!

As the natural aging process brings numerous anatomical changes, other factors, such as sun exposure, smoking, and dietary choices, are taking their toll on your skin. We must not forget the fact that the skin is alive and not just a protective coating – its health must always come to mind aside from anatomical issues. Our rejuvenation package, based on 3 sessions of 4 different treatments, offers to help change the anatomy of the skin. Based on the treatment’s versatility, we aim at treating various skin aspects, depending on the most suitable improvement at the time.

We believe it is time for you to make superior skin rejuvenation your New Year’s resolution for 2021! Is the prospect of a yearlong skin treatment appealing to you? Let us talk more about what the VIPS Skin Rejuvenation Package contains and how it can benefit your skin!

#1: Deep Skin Cleaning: DiamondGlow™ 

DiamondGlow™ is a unique face and body treatment, perfect for cleaning and refreshing the skin. This hydradermabrasion device simultaneously exfoliates skin with a diamond tip, cleans the inside of your pores from impurities, and infuses condition-specific serums deep into the skin, all using a 3-in-1 system. After the procedure, you will enjoy clean, hydrated skin with a stunning glow!

#2: Skin Brightening: Elluminate

The Elluminate treatment, part of the EVO device, is here to deliver! Using three laser technologies with different wavelengths (1064 nm Nd: Yag, 755 nm Alexandrite, and 532 nm KTP), the device targets several skin layers, achieving superior results than single wavelength solutions. Once you leave our clinic, you will enjoy more radiant skin with reduced pigmentation and improved texture!

#3: Thicker Skin: Morpheus8

Through the natural aging process, your body gradually loses collagen and elastin, the two proteins responsible for firm skin structure, leading to skin thickness being lost in the process.

Harnessing the benefits of radiofrequency (RF) energy, Morpheus8 uses a microneedling technique to reinforce the underlying skin structure, stimulating, at the same time, collagen and elastin production. As the results kick in, you will notice a thicker, firmer, youthful appearance.

#4: Smoother Skin: CoolPeel™ (advanced minimal downtime C02 laser technology)

The first three treatments will deliver you a tighter, brighter, refreshed skin. Now, let us make sure that your skin receives the proper smoothening effect! To achieve that, we have in store for you the CoolPeel™ treatment!

CoolPeel™ is an advanced CO2 laser that safely delivers the benefits of a CO2 resurfacing treatment with minimal downtime, revealing a smoother skin layer beneath the surface. Aside from the smoothing effect, CoolPeel™ is effective against fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, reducing them with each treatment while improving skin texture.

What Should I Expect from My VIPS Skin Rejuvenation Package?

The idea of putting together 4 skin rejuvenation treatments for a one-year package was built based on a thorough examination of the skin’s anatomy and functionality. There is no point in reaffirming an obvious truism – your skin will experience numerous anatomical changes as the natural aging process takes place. While skin changes are unavoidable, the way you deal with them, however, is entirely up to you!

That is where the VIPS Skin Rejuvenation package comes in. Our main goal, using these top of the line procedures, is to improve the anatomical aspect of your skin, focusing on the various aspects that make your skin healthy: cleansing, improving the texture, smoothening, brightening, etc. We know that everyone has unique skin, which is why the versatility our package offers will satisfy your skin’s various needs.

Brow lift

Reverse the natural aging sign

When Should I Begin My VIPS Skin Rejuvenation Package?

Wondering if you are ready to start your VIPS Skin Rejuvenation Package? We have exciting news – our skin rejuvenation treatment brings stunning results regardless of age!

Should I Use Skincare Products?

While your VIPS Skin Rejuvenation Package reverses the anatomical changes that occur with the aging process, your job is to take constant care of your skin’s function. The truth is, our 4 procedures cannot deliver superior results if your lifestyle choices are not promoting overall body health. For that reason, we recommend that you combine these procedures with a steady skincare program based on top of the market products. Here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, our experience with the SkinMedica® products made the brand our top pick for skincare.

Loving Your ‘Skin Rejuvenation at VIPS’ Package

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we invite you to join us and experience a year-long skin rejuvenation experience at our medical facility in Port St. Lucie, FL! Our handpicked procedures are ready to provide a comprehensive skin rejuvenation approach, leaving you better prepared to combat natural signs of aging.

Ready to enjoy the VIPS experience? Contact us and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Vinyard today!

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