Celebrate The Holidays Hair-Free with Laser Hair Removal

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Body, Face, Non-Surgical Options

The holiday season is nearing. The thoughts of work parties, fancy events, and long nights surrounded by your loving family are the main things that come to mind. We know you want to enjoy a stunning look and feel confident during all of these events – after all, it is not easy to look gorgeous and confident in every single holiday photograph.

One of the things women have to deal with constantly is body hair. After all, wearing the beautiful dress that you’ve been setting aside for the holidays will not bring you the same satisfaction unless you feel comfortable with your body. Wouldn’t it be easier to let go of monthly waxes or razor blade refills and just enjoy your smooth, beautiful skin? This month, we think it is time for you to gift yourself a procedure that will make you worry less about rigorous and expensive body upkeep and more about feeling confident and free: laser hair removal!

Understanding Laser Hair Removal Technologies


The key principle behind laser hair removal is focusing specific wavelengths of light and pulse duration on one target, specifically the melanin (the naturally occurring pigment responsible for skin and hair color). As melanin absorbs the light energy, the latter is converted into heat, which damages the hair-producing follicles, delaying or inhibiting further hair growth. The technology employed allows the plastic surgeon to focus the light energy on the melanin without damaging surrounding tissue.

While the hair removal procedures are all performed for the same outcome, different skin types call for different wavelength lasers. For example, when it comes to darker skin tones, one of the most common methods used for hair removal is called the 1064nm Nd:YAG laser. The longer wavelength of this laser treatment penetrates deeper into the skin, allowing for a deeper, more thorough destruction of the hair bulb. The result is reduced hair formation with less damage to your skin. 

Other laser wavelengths, such as the 755nm alexandrite, are more common for lighter skin tones. In contrast with ruby lasers, the 755nm Alexandrite laser provides deeper penetration of the skin tissue and is less absorbed by epidermal melanin.

Here at the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery, the technological investments we make are directed at providing a wide variety of choices for all our patients while keeping our safety standards high. For that reason, we have equipped our medical facility with a machine that employs multiple laser wavelengths, enabling us to treat a wide variety of skin types.

Who Should Consider Laser Hair Removal? 


Patients who present light skin and dark hair are the perfect candidates for laser hair removal. Because of the difference in pigmentation, the laser can be focused on the hair with no other dark pigment competing for it. When it comes to patients with darker skin, as we mentioned earlier, we are equipped with adequate technology to successfully treat this skin tone.

Patients with blonde, white, or grey hair however, are not ideal candidates for this procedure. Furthermore, skin conditions (rashes), open wounds, infections, and recent sun exposure  do not allow for hair removal procedures to be performed.

To make sure that you fully qualify for this procedure, Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, will assess your medical history during your complimentary consultation and decide whether you are best suited for laser hair removal.

Is Laser Hair Reduction Permanent? 


Understanding how laser hair removal works requires a few words surrounding the anatomy of hair growth. For hair to grow, the hair follicle must be a specific phase, called anagen or the active phase. Based on the pigment, the laser will target, damage, and remove the hair follicle, inhibiting further growth. The result is significant hair removal.

However, because other hair follicles might not be in the active phase, the hair removal procedure is not capable of removing 100% of your hair. While the treatment does remove active hair follicles, it cannot be targeted at the inactive ones. For that reason, using the term “laser hair reduction” is more appropriate.

The important thing we must understand is that hair growth takes place in different places and in different cycles. Devising a multi-session treatment is the most effective way to eliminate the largest percentage of hair possible.


How Many Treatments are Necessary? 


Successful treatments usually comprise 6-8 procedures spaced every 6-8 weeks. This is mainly due to the hair growth cycles we saw earlier, which vary depending on the targeted body parts. Furthermore, the number of treatment sessions may vary based on the amount of hair that needs to be removed.

Long Term Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction


The most noteworthy aspect of laser hair removal lies in its long-term benefits. With each procedure, you will notice dramatic improvements – aside from the diminished number of hairs, you will also notice fewer and fewer ingrown hairs (mainly caused by less advanced hair removal methods) and less irritation from shaving. By destroying the hair follicle, worrying about annoying hairs becoming ingrown will become a thing of the past.

Aesthetic aspects aside, the prospect of a cost-effective treatment is always tempting. With laser hair removal, you can save anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on expensive products, as you gradually free yourself from waxing appointments and razor blades!

Is There a Recovery Process?


Laser hair removal is an outpatient procedure, which means that you can return to your daily life once you leave the treatment room without worrying about taking downtime. However, it will take a couple of days for the skin to adjust after the laser session, during which we recommend that you stay out of the sun and be gentle to the treated area. You will experience mild discomfort in the treated area, which you can ease with a cold compress, anti-inflammatory creams, or a gentle moisturizer. Furthermore, if you live in a warm, sunny area, constantly wearing sunscreen is recommended, as it prevents further irritation.   


Hair removal lasts several months

With the holiday season right around the corner, the time has come for you to forget about tweezing, wasting money on razor blades, and making waxing appointments. With the VIPS hair removal procedures, you will bring a positive change in your life, worrying less about skin maintenance treatments and spending more time being confident in yourself! Are you ready to celebrate the holidays hair-free? Start with scheduling your free consultation with Dr. Vinyard today! 

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