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Leaky Lips & Uniboob: 13 Botched Plastic Surgeries

Haven't you ever heard of the hilarious, horrifying results that sometimes follow botched plastic surgery procedures? When you don't have a certified surgeon, there's no telling what might happen under that knife.

Breaking The Taboo: 17 Celebrities Who Admitted Plastic Surgery

Believe it or not, celebrities get work done too! Read on to find out which 17 have admitted plastic surgery from butt implants, to nose jobs, to Botox injections, to liposuction procedures...

The Top Ten Most Common Plastic Surgery Complications

Are you worried about complications from your plastic surgery? Here are the top 10 most common... the great news is that since you're here, you're already here in the VIPS family, where Dr. Vinyard will always take the best possible care of you if anything goes wrong!

Breaking The Taboo: 18 More Celebrities Who Admitted to Plastic Surgery

Many celebrities are actually very open about their plastic surgery, because it makes them more confident in themselves. Here are 18 more who have confessed their operations and treatments over the years.

BODYtite VS Tummy Tuck: Which is Right For You?

BODYtite tightens skin and dissolves fat. Tummy tucks remove excess fat from the body. Which is a better option for you?
7 Reasons Why It’s Important To Have Your Procedure Done By A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

7 Reasons Why It’s Important To Have Your Procedure Done By A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Both physicians and the media joined efforts in an attempt to raise awareness about a less-invasive approach toward vaginal health: nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation!
VIPS Elite Plastic Surgery Practice

The VIPS Experience at Florida’s Elite Plastic Surgery Practice

Years of training, experience, and expertise – some of the words that come to mind whenever we try to describe the perfect plastic surgeon, the one in whose hands we can entrust not only our aesthetic goals but also our hopes and dreams for a better quality of life.
What is BII (Breast Implant Illness)

What is BII (Breast Implant Illness)?

Contrary to popular belief, "breast implant illness" isn't an "illness" in the traditional sense. Instead, it's a term used to describe a broad range of symptoms that can develop in women after breast implant, breast augmentation, or breast reconstructive surgery. Learn more about BII in today's blog!
What To Look For When Choosing A Plastic Surgeon

What To Look For When Choosing A Plastic Surgeon

How can you know whether the plastic surgeon you’re looking at is right for you? Today, we’ll review some red flags that should warn you to keep away and help you choose the right plastic surgeon!
Drainless Tummy Tuck vs. Tummy Tuck With Drains What’s The Difference

Drainless Tummy Tuck vs. Tummy Tuck With Drains: What’s The Difference?

For optimal results, safer recovery, and a happier post-recovery patient, it’s much wiser to opt for the tummy tuck with drains. Know and understand the reason why!
How Dr. Vinyard Gets His Stunning Tummy Tucks

How Dr. Vinyard Gets His Stunning Tummy Tuck Results

Dr. William J. Vinyard in Port St. Lucie, FL is renowned for his unique, all-natural, 5-star tummy tuck procedures. How exactly does Dr. Vinyard make his tummy tucks stand out from the rest? Keep reading to find out his tummy tuck secrets!

Are You A Candidate For A Tummy Tuck?

Are you considering whether a tummy tuck would be right for you? Read this blog to learn more about whether you’d be a candidate for a tummy tuck procedure!

How Dr. Vinyard Gets Consistently Superior Scar Results

Many of Dr. Vinyard’s patients mention how pleased they are with their minimal scarring and great scar healing in their reviews. So, what’s Dr. Vinyard’s secret? Keep reading to find out how Dr. Vinyard helps his patients get the best scar results he can offer!
What’s The Difference Between Votiva & FemTITE

What’s The Difference Between Votiva & FemTITE?

There are suitable options meant for your female care without the complexity of tons of acronyms and phrases. Learn more about the most popular vaginal rejuvenation technologies, Votiva and FemTITE, and see whether they’re right for you!
Saline vs. Silicone - What Is The Better Choice FAQ

Saline vs. Silicone – What Is The Better Choice? FAQ

There are many things to look forward to and a lot of decisions to make when having breast augmentation. How do you choose between the two breast implant options saline vs. silicone? Keep reading to find out!
What Is The Right Age To Have A Facelift

What Is The Right Age To Have A Facelift?

Just exactly when is the right time to get a facelift? While there isn’t a cut-and-dry answer, there are certainly some helpful guidelines to help you know whether you’re a candidate for a facelift. Read this blog to learn all about facelifts and see whether this procedure is proper for you!
What Credentials Should I Look For In A Breast Explant Surgeon

What Credentials Should I Look For In A Breast Explant Surgeon?

No matter the reason for a breast explant surgery, it's imperative that your surgeon have all the credentials necessary to complete this delicate procedure. So what kind of credentials can help you find the best breast explant surgeon for you? Keep reading to find out.
Why are Tummy Tucks with Drains the Best Option

Why are Tummy Tucks with Drains the Best Option?

Dr. Vinyard recommends that you enhance your tummy tuck experience with drains. Today, you will learn how drainage tubes can take your body contouring experience to the next level.
How Do We Decide Which Body Contouring Procedure Is Best For You

How Do We Decide Which Body Contouring Procedure Is Best For You?

Read to learn our secrets in how we decide which body contouring procedure is best for you. Trust us—you'll love the results!
What's the Best Treatment to Eliminate My Turkey Neck

What’s the Best Treatment to Eliminate My Turkey Neck?

At the VIPS, Dr. Vinyard has two aces up his sleeve to improve turkey neck symptoms—FACEtite and the Cheek/Neck Lift! Read to find out which of the two treatments can improve your neck appearance and help you forget all about your turkey neck.

What Is A Mini Tummy Tuck?

Today, we'll be taking a deeper dive into one of the most patient-requested tummy tuck options: the mini tummy tuck!
Body Areas That BODYtite Treats Best!

Body Areas That BODYtite Treats Best!

With little recovery time and permanent results, our patients leave our office thrilled that their excess fatty tissue is gone. BODYtite is one of the premier ways of contouring and sculpting the body. Ready to learn more? Read this blog!
Stories from Our Mermaids Why Our Patients Love VIPS!

Stories from Our Mermaids: Why Our Patients Love VIPS!

For more than three years now in Port St. Lucie West, the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery has set the highest standards of quality, trust, and efficiency in plastic surgery. What's the secret behind our success? Know more through our mermaids' stories!
Do I Need Votiva or FEMtite Differences in Vaginal Rejuvenation Options

Do I Need Votiva or FEMtite? Differences in Vaginal Rejuvenation Options

Today, we invite you to join us in discovering Votiva and FEMtite together and the way each of these procedures can bring your vaginal rejuvenation goals to life!

How Much Does BODYtite Procedure Cost?

"Why is it so hard to find the price of BODYtite online?" One patient writes on an online forum. "I really want the procedure, but I don't understand why the costs range on so many websites! How much should I expect to pay?" Ready to learn more? Read this blog!

What Is a Mini Tummy Tuck vs. a Full Tummy Tuck

We'll be focusing on the most common two tummy tucks: the mini and the full. So, what's the difference between these two cosmetic procedures, and how do you know which is right for you? Keep reading to find out.
What is included in mommy make over

What Is Included in a Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover is for women who want to regain their pre-baby appearance and see their self-confidence go through the roof. But what does the mommy makeover entail? And what body areas do mommy makeovers address? Join us today, and we will walk you through the most popular mommy makeover procedures!

2022 Trends in Plastic Surgery: What’s the Hottest?

Over the years, plastic surgery has become more popular, with people of all ages seeking out procedures to improve their looks and boost their confidence. And while the most popular procedures tend to vary from year to year, a few procedures seem to be forever in demand. So what's hot in 2022? Here's a rundown of the top plastic surgery trends.

Tummy Tuck Cost in Florida: What Should I Expect?

Thinking about undergoing your very own tummy tuck procedure in Florida? Here's where you can find all you need to know about a tummy tuck, the costs when you are in Florida, and more information and connection to the Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery.

Blepharoplasty Recovery: What To Expect

If you struggle with puffy eyelids that don't resolve or asymmetric or "hooded" eyelids caused by sagging, wrinkled skin, then it might be worth considering a blepharoplasty, often called eyelid surgery.

Morpheus8 vs. Ultherapy: Why Do We Prefer Morpheus8?

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. William J. Vinyard, MD, FACS, and his team of experts have a solution for your sagging facial skin! Here at our Port St. Lucie, FL, office, we offer treatment plans to relieve the stress of making a complex choice while restoring your youthful appearance. We know that sifting through mountains of online articles is never fruitful, so we will help you choose between two of the most popular skin tightening options available on the market: Morpheus8 vs. Ultherapy!

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: What Procedures Should I Consider?

Body contouring surgery offers individuals with massive weight loss a safe and effective procedure to eliminate excess, saggy, and loose skin, as well as remaining stubborn fatty tissue. Below, we explore who is a suitable candidate for post-weight loss plastic surgery and the various options that are available to these individuals. So let's begin the journey of getting you comfortable in your skin!

How CoolSculpting Can Help You Lose Inches!

The CoolSculpting treatment is an excellent option for men and women who are near reaching their ideal body weight but struggling to eliminate unwanted fat in stubborn pockets or areas. It is also the perfect treatment for non-invasive fat reduction requiring little to no recovery time.

Why Kim K Loves Morpheus8!

The Morpheus8 skin treatment does everything you could want in a non-surgical dermal renewing procedure — from reducing wrinkles and stretch marks to stimulating fresh elastin and collagen production, creating that highly sought-after “youthful glow.”