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A brow lift (sometimes known as a browplasty or forehead lift) is a cosmetic procedure that refines your facial skin for a renewed and elevated brow.

What is Brow Lift?

The last thing our board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. William Vinyard, wants is for you to look or feel “surprised” after a brow lift surgery. Men and women with a sagging brow may seek a brow lift to help reposition the eyebrows after aging and gravity have caused them to descend downward on the forehead. Once the eyebrows have been repositioned, there is less skin weighing down on the upper eyelid. This will create a more rested appearance. Dr. Vinyard addresses primarily the lateral portion (outside) of the eyebrow. Focusing your treatment on the lateral part of the brow prevents the “surprised” appearance that can occur when the (medial) inner portion of the brow is released. You will find it is the outer part of the eyebrow that is elevated to create the youthful arch and the inner portion remains lower.

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that can increase the distance between the eyebrows and the upper eyelashes. It will also smooth the forehead and eyebrow regions for a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. Dr. Vinyard has specialized training and equipment to perform a brow lift through a less invasive endoscopic approach. An endoscopic brow lift involves making very small incisions hidden behind the hairline. All of the manipulations of the tissue is performed through the visualization of the area with an endoscope and adjustment utilizing specialized surgical tools to treat the brow region. Dr. Vinyard can also perform a traditional brow lift should you require this type of approach instead. This requires an incision in the hair, above the hairline in a “head ban” shape, hidden from sight. Despite which procedure you inquire about at Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery (VIPS) in Port Saint Lucie, FL, Dr. Vinyard will help you achieve a more youthful appearance with subtle techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate?

As we grow older, skin laxity diminishes and causes several portions of the face to droop. This is especially important in the upper face region and usually affects women and men. When looking in the mirror, do you seem tired or angry, or notice frown lines between the brows, or are bothered by a drooping brow? A surgical brow lift at (VIPS) may be the right cosmetic treatment for your goals. Dr. Vinyard appreciates the time spent in consultation because of the detailed communication that occurs during your visit here. Dr. Vinyard will help you understand the aspects of your surgery, how he will work with your facial structure, and determine how he will set realistic goals for your skin. For one hour or so, he will sit with him to go through a detailed health and surgical history. He will provide you with an analysis of your eyebrow position and facial structures, a physical examination, and then he will discuss your options. This is a vital part of your journey with us and can be considered a time that you are dedicating to yourself. He may also make recommendations for additional surgeries to enhance the look you are trying to achieve. A brow lift is commonly combined with other procedures such as a mini-facelift, facelift, or upper and/or lower blepharoplasty (eyelid lift).

What's the technique?

Prior to surgery, anesthesia will be used. This can be done through general anesthesia or IV sedation depending on the complexity of the surgery. The incision technique used during a brow lift is determined based on the severity of sag, if the forehead is affected, and the position of the hairline. There are many approaches to consider:

  • Traditional or Open Incision
    Also called the open browplasty incision, this places the incision at the top of the head behind the hairline. The open incision not only conceals scarring, but it provides a certain degree of controlled lifting during the procedure. The open incision works well for those with both a sagging brow and frown lines. This is the ideal incision if you are at risk for having a receding hairline.
  • Endoscopic Forehead Lift
    This is a more modern technique used in browplasty surgery. It places several tiny incisions in the hairline and inserts the endoscope, which is pushed down to the area of the eyebrow to release its attachments. Through the endoscope, the brow tissue is suspended using stitches to lift the brow in its higher position. An endoscopic brow lift requires smaller incisions and less downtime.
  • Trichophytic Incision
    This incision is placed right along the hairline. It allows significant lifting of the brow for patients who have a strong hairline with little risk for recession.
  • Lateral Brow Lift
    Also known as a temporal brow lift, this technique starts the incision within the hairline just above the temples. A temporal incision allows the outer sections of the brow to be treated and is best for sagging that is present in the outer brows. A temporal brow lift also helps to treat Crow’s feet.

You will go home the day of your brow lift unless you combine it with another procedure such as a facelift that requires an overnight stay in the hospital or overnight stay at a local hotel with a staff member to monitor you throughout the first night. All the details of your surgery will be explained in full detail before your surgery date and a plan of action will be made in advance to make it a smoother transition after surgery.

What can I expect?

Recovery following brow lift surgery varies in each patient, with the majority of discomfort and swelling occurring with the open method versus the endoscopic or temporal techniques. Overall, there will be slight bruising and swelling in the upper face near the brows and possibly around the eyes for about three weeks. Cold compresses may help to reduce the swelling. At approximately one week to ten days, you may apply a cosmetic concealer (we have a few suggestions on what brands work the best for bruising) to mask the remaining bruising. The average recovery time from this procedure is about 2 – 3 weeks. The outcome can usually be seen immediately, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance that looks softer, more alert, and with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and sagging in the upper portion of the face.

Dr. Vinyard likes to keep a close watch on his patients and will set up a schedule of follow-up appointments for the day after surgery, at week one through three, week six, month three and six, and at the one year mark. Six weeks after your brow lift, you will be very close to your final result. Three months postoperatively, your final results will be seen, but you will discover that the result continues to look even better at six months and one year. You will be provided with “before and after” photos at these post-operative office visits to compare the changes

How much does a brow lift cost?

It’s more important to focus on finding an experienced surgeon, like Dr. Vinyard, who can give you the results you want rather than choosing the cheapest surgeon. The cost of brow lift surgery will vary based on the technique chosen, the facility fee, anesthesia, and other factors. Once your treatment plan has been created in your consultation, an estimate of costs can be discussed. 

The total cost of your brow lift will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Vinyard. It may be necessary to combine this with another procedure such as a lower or upper eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) or mini-facelift to achieve your desired result. Once you have finished your consultation with Dr. Vinyard, you will receive a detailed quote outlining the costs associated with the facial rejuvenation procedures. The cost of your brow lift includes Dr. Vinyard’s professional fee, anesthesia, facility fee, and any facial compression garments. Dr. Vinyard’s professional fee includes the initial consultation, pre-operative visit and all post-operative appointments associated with the brow lift.

Do I need a brow lift or facelift?

Whether you should get a brow lift or full facelift will depend on where you have sagging skin as well as your goals. You should candidly discuss your concerns with Dr. Vinyard so he can help you decide what is best for you. Many patients come in thinking they want a facelift to discover that they only need a brow lift and vice versa. With his experience, Dr. Vinyard can confidently help you decide on your treatment plan so you get the results you want.

What about nonsurgical treatments?

There are many nonsurgical treatments, such as laser skin tightening and injectables (like BOTOX and Juvéderm), that can give short-term improvements. However, a surgical brow lift is better if you want significant improvements and longer-lasting results. During your consultation, Dr. Vinyard can go over both your surgical and nonsurgical options so you can decide which is best for you.

What technique should I choose?

Dr. Vinyard will go over surgical techniques during your consultation to help you understand the advantages of each. He will then help you choose the best technique for your needs and goals. Some of the factors that may influence your choice are your hairline (taking into account both your current hairline and your risk of future skin recession), the degree of skin sagging, and how much time you can devote to recovery.

Will my results look natural?

When you choose a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Vinyard, your brow lift results will look natural. He will develop your treatment plan for your needs and goals so you look refreshed and younger, not tight or frozen. During your surgery, Dr. Vinyard will focus on removing excess skin. The remaining skin and tissue will be smoothed so your results don’t limit your facial expressions or lift your eyebrows too high.

How long will it take to recover from my brow lift?

You will need to refrain from heavy lifting and activity for at least 4 – 6 weeks after your brow lift. You will want to avoid activities that increase your heart rate to prevent bleeding. You may resume light housework activities at the 2 – 3 weeks mark after your procedure. Sedentary work may resume in 7 – 10 days after your brow lift as long as you are no longer taking your prescription pain medicine. You may require concealer to cover any remaining bruising at this point. The time it takes you to return to the “public” following a brow lift depends upon your comfort level with others suspecting that you have undergone a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.

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