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If you lead a healthy lifestyle, work out regularly, and yet cannot seem to lose pockets of stubborn fat, BODYtite might be for you. Using radio frequency energy, BODYtite is a non-surgical option which not only dissolves fat, but tightens skin simultaneously. Only a small incision is created, so no downtime is required.

If you seek serious fat reduction, your BODYtite procedure can be paired with a Liposuction procedure to both, (1) eliminate substantial amounts of fat, and, (2) tighten the skin to restore its former slim, natural appearance.


What You Need to Know about BODYtite.

Patients should expect a 25-40% reduction in fat content in the areas that are treated in the months following their treatment. There is not only an immediate result 3 months after the treatment, but the increased collagen growth which is promoted ensures that the area continues to tighten and renew for up to a year afterwards, ensuring long-lasting results for years to come.

  • VIPS not only utilizes the most advanced BODYtite device on the market to ensure stellar results.
  • More devices means faster treatments. Spend half as long receiving your BODYtite treatment as you would with other surgeons.  
  • Our new, top-notch devices ensure less complications, very little to no pain, and minimal recovery time. Return directly from our office to your normal activities. 
  • VIPS now also offers BODYtite treatments to address unwanted neck fat. It’s time to say goodbye to your double chin! 
  • Most patients can return to work immediately. There’s no need to request time off or spend weeks in agony. Simply expect some minor swelling and bruising in the weeks ahead. 

It's FDA Approved.

In 2016, BODYtite received its FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approval to treat fat along the belly, breast, arms, thighs, and knee areas. 

The Body Areas That Can Be Treated.

For most of us, our pesky love handles aren’t the only place that could use a little help. After all, it’s not easy maintaining a perfect body 24/7. Even the pros need help! Consider sculpting your:

  • Abdomen and belly.
  • Breast area. 
  • Arms (reduce the flabby undersides that you hate so much).
  • Thighs (either the inner and/or outer sides).
  • Bra fat/back fat (you know, where it bulges and we all dread looking in the mirror).
  • Flanks (those love handles). 
  • ANYWHERE you have an extra inch to pinch. 
If you’re unsure whether that area of the body you’re most self-conscious about is something you can BODYtite back into slim, gorgeous form, just schedule a consultation and ask us – after all, we’re the experts! We’ll be able to help you determine the ideal treatment for your body, to meet your aesthetic goals, within your budget. 

What To Expect:

Sensations During The BODYtite Treatment.

You will be exposed to radio frequency (RF) heat with a controlled heating process (managed by the medical expert performing the treatment, so simply communicate if it is ever too hot and they will be able to adjust it), along with a minor pulling or tugging sensation. That sensation typically subsides after 10-15 minutes, once the cells have been numbed.

Side-Effects Of BODYtite.

After the procedure, you might experience some tingling, stinging, or numbness, and will certainly notice swelling and bruising in the weeks ahead – but all of those side-effects are temporary and will fade.

Results After BODYtite.

Most patients notice a 20-25% reduction of fat in the targeted areas with extremely positive, noticeable, aesthetic improvements. With multiple treatments, BODYtite is known to dissolve up to 45% of the fat in the areas addressed. This results in a slimmer, tighter, more youthful appearance to the skin along with the reduction of fat and the elimination of seeming bloating or chubbiness. 

Why Choose BODYtite?

No Downtime

#1. No Downtime

You’ll never have to awkwardly explain to your boss or coworkers why you’re taking time off for ‘personal reasons’, because with a BODYtite treatment, you’ll never have to!

Mommy Makeover

#2. No Surgery

For many of us, the thought of surgery can be intimidating. BODYtite involves no large incisions and no anesthesia! You can be totally comfortable and confident during your procedure.

#3. Clothes That Fit

Your adorable clothes aren’t meant to sit on hangers and stare sadly back at you. Finally feel incredible about the woman in the mirror and break out your ‘good day’ outfits every day!

Breast Lift

#4. Lasting Results

We know you’ll never give up your 6am gym sessions, but wouldn’t you love to feel confident enough in your body to eat a donut without stressing just once?

FAQs about BODYtite.

Absolutely!! You can have total confidence knowing that you are undergoing a safe, FDA-approved treatment when you choose to have a BODYtite procedure done by a proper medical professional such as a certified plastic surgeon. 

Definitely not, no need to worry. BODYtite is a non-surgical, noninvasive treatment which you will not need to undergo general anesthesia for. You shouldn’t even need a friend to drive you home that day.

Fabulous news! None. Since BODYtite is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, most patients are able to return to work right away.

Yes, there will be. You will feel and look swollen for roughly 4-6 weeks after the treatment. Be patient. This is the BODYtite treatment working! Your body needs to slowly cleanses itself of all of the dead fat cells once they’ve been killed off. 

It takes up to 3 months to see the full results of the BODYtite treatment, however, your skin will continue to tighten and renew itself over the 12 months following the treatment, so you should continue to see gradual improvements for up to a year afterwards!

  • Abdomen and belly. 
  • Breast area. 
  • Arms (reduce the flabby undersides that you hate so much).
  • Thighs (either the inner and/or outer sides).
  • Bra fat/back fat (you know, where it bulges and we all dread looking in the mirror).
  • Flanks (those love handles). 
  • ANYWHERE you have an extra inch to pinch. 

Before And After BODYtite Treatments.

Dr. Vinyard’s VIPS is proud to be the premier BODYtite center in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  As a huge proponent of BODYtite and Skintite, VIPS continues to invest in their every technological advance, ensuring you always receive the best, highest-caliber treatment available on the market. Your loyalty allows us to provide you with the newest innovations in cosmetic surgery. 

before coolsculpting abdomen
Abdomen Before BODYtite Treatment
after coolsculpting abdomen
Abdomen After BODYtite Treatment
Neck and Chin Before BODYtite Treatment
Neck and Chin After BODYtite Treatment
Arm Before BODYtite Treatment
After coolsculpting arm
Arm After BODYtite Treatment
Before coolsculpting flanks
Love Handles Before BODYtite Treatment
Love Handles After BODYtite Treatment

Get To Know Dr. William Vinyard

Dr. William Vinyard is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has devoted his professional life to the study and practice of cosmetic plastic surgery and advanced breast reconstruction techniques. Dr. Vinyard earned his way into a prestigious and rare Aesthetic and Breast Surgery Fellowship to become one of the few surgeons to complete four full surgical training programs in General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Advanced Breast Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery. His love for education is apparent in his consultations, as you will find his explanations are richer and fuller than most. He is recognized by his patients and peers for his meticulous technique, eye for detail, and ability to create beautiful, lasting results.

Education and Training

Dr. Vinyard continued his undergraduate education at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS. During this time, he was awarded membership into the Golden Key National Honor Society. Knowing he wanted to pursue a surgical career, he felt it imperative to learn as much as he could about the Health Care profession. While keeping up with a full-time course schedule in Lawrence, KS, he made time to work as a Phlebotomist, an ECG technician and an Emergency Room Health Care Assistant at the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, KS. Dr. Vinyard also offered complimentary tutoring for several classes that he attended. In 1997, he graduated with Departmental Honors in Human Biology.

Advanced Specialties

Although Dr. Vinyard had developed the surgical skills necessary to begin his plastic surgery practice, he still felt that there was more to learn. With the desire to perfect his technical skills and surgical judgment in the area of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Advanced Breast Reconstructive Surgery techniques, he sought additional training from a world-recognized leader in plastic surgery. In 2009, Dr. Vinyard moved to Birmingham, AL with his wife and two children. He spent the next year in an Advanced Breast and Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship. Under the tutelage of Dr. Grotting, he learned the latest techniques in Breast Reconstruction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction (using the Superior-Pedicle Sculpted Pillar technique), treatment of Gynecomastia, along with the Endoscopic Brow Lift, Facelift, Mini-Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty, Abdominoplasty, Brachioplasty, Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction, Lower Body Lift, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as BOTOX Cosmetic Injection, Dermal Filler Injections, Laser Facial Resurfacing and Skin Care Assessment/Management.

Honors and Awards

  • Golden Key National Honor Society member.
  • Student Leadership Award nomination.
  • Alpha Honor Medical Society nomination.
  • Dr. Thomas G. Orr Award for “The Outstanding Student in Surgery.”
  • J.K. Hardesty Award for “The Best Resident Paper.”
  • 2012 – 2018: “America’s Top Surgeons Recognition for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.”

Dr. Vinyard's Cutting-Edge Facility

Dr. William Vinyard runs Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery (VIPS), the leading provider of BODYtite in Port St. Lucie, Florida. His dedication to providing cutting-edge treatment—balancing the most advanced surgical technology available with the procedures that guarantee the best possible results for his loyal patients—sets his center apart from every other provider in Florida. 

Contact our office today for your complimentary BODYtite consultation and begin your body contouring journey. 

Hear From Actual VIPS Patients.
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5 star reviews
"I can't say enough about doctor Vinyard and his great staff. I've had more than a few procedures done in his office and have had surgery done as well, both went great the staff are always very caring and concerned for my comfort. I'm always called after a procedure to find out how I'm feeling, if I'm in any discomfort. Which I can't say I get that type of treatment from any other doctors office. I absolutely recommend VIPS for all your beauty needs."
"Doctor Vinyard is amazing as well as his staff. From the moment I walked into the office I felt welcomed. Everyone was so nice and friendly. They listened to my concerns, which was more about me being nervous than the actual procedure. I had my procedure/surgery done on October 10th. I was up and moving around on the 11th without pain or discomfort. I just went back for my 1 week check up today and again it felt like walking into a friends home rather than a doctors office. Made me feel like I was their only patient. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Vinyard and his staff."
"Dr. Vinyard was recommended to me by my breast surgeon and I have been nothing but impressed with every step of the process, from my consultation to surgery to follow ups, he and his staff have been nothing but kind, caring and compassionate. A breast cancer diagnosis is scary and knowing that you can trust your surgeon to give you the best possible outcome eases some of the worry. I highly recommend Dr. Vinyard to anyone!"

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